Hiking near the ranch

Hiking Trails Near Us

View from the trail just a few hundred yards from the gate by our pond.

Florissant Fossil Beds o Florissant Fossil Beds adjoins to the southwest side of the Dawn of Hope property. The monument offers up to 14 miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty. One of which being the “Twin Rock Trail” which starts just south of the Dawn of Hope Pond. o Twin Rock Trail: The trail features quiet views of rock formations, open meadows, aspen groves, riparian habitats, willows, and pond life. Signs of wildlife are common. This hike has a moderate elevation change of 295 feet o For more Information: https://www.nps.gov/flfo/index.htm

Beautiful aspens in Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park o Mueller offers 44 miles of trails through beautiful natural and historical Colorado resources. Trails vary from short, leisurely walks to challenging, full-day hikes. The average elevation in the park is 9,600 feet. All trails are open to hikers. There are 34 miles designated for horseback riding and 36 miles designated for bicyclists. o Mueller also offers several shorter, easier trails for the family to enjoy. Each trail ranges in distance from one-half mile to 3-1/3 miles round trip. o Daily parks pass is $8.00 o For more information: CLICK HERE

View looking east from Raspberry Mountain

Pike National Forest o Raspberry mountain trail via ring the peak trail § This trail is a moderately trafficked 5 mile out-and-back trail located south of Divide. It is rated as “moderate”, however there are a few sections of the trail much more challenging than others. There is a total of 1013 feet of elevation gain. § The trail is wide and smooth, most of it shaded by tall dark Colorado Spruce. Sentinel Point and the northernmost of the Sibling Spires are visible occasionally about four miles to the south § The hike begins with short, steep switchbacks. Then, it levels out through a meadow and gentle forest floors. Eventually, you’ll turn right on the forest road after crossing a creek. After a short uphill walk, you will turn left, leaving the Ring the Peak trail. From here, it is a relatively intense and mostly uphill climb to the top. Definitely make sure you come prepared on this hike and check the weather forecast before heading out. o Crags Trail § The Crags Trail is a 4.8 mile “out-and-back” trail located just a few miles south of Divide. The trail sees fairly moderate traffic, as it is a popular option for both resident and non-resident hikers alike. The trail is rated “moderate” in difficulty with a total elevation gain of only 820 feet. Throughout the hike, you will experience beautiful shaded meadows, towering aspen, beautiful rock formations, and an unbeatable vista at the top. The average person could probably make the hike (start to finish) in around two hours.

Devil’s Playground

Devils Playground Trail (From the Crags) § DISCLAIMER: Those attempting this trail need to be in great physical shape and acclimated to the altitude. Take lots of water and stay hydrated. § The Devil’s Playground Trail is 8.5 mile “out-and-back” trail that sees heavy traffic as it is a more challenging trail than the surrounding options. The trail begins at the same trailhead as The Crags Trail and sprouts off to the right around ¼ mile from the trailhead. This trail is rated as “Difficult” but could be considered EXTREME to beginner hikers or those unfamiliar with the area. There is a total of 3067 feet elevation gain. The ascent up the mountain begins as a moderate grade and slowly transitions into a steep, rocky incline until you reach the top. It is ENTIRELY uphill one way and entirely downhill on your way back. § On this hike you will experience everything from beautiful, towering pine forests, to high alpine wildflowers and some of the most beautiful views within the state of Colorado. § At the “end” of the trail by the Pikes Peak Highway, you have the option to either turn back or continue up the adjoining trails all the way to the summit of Pikes Peak.